Speaking Engagements 

October 4, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Finding Your Startup Idea (TiE Institute)

Location: Santa Clara CA

Link to Startup Idea event

Where do great ideas come from? How can you test if they are, in fact, great? What are the six (6) hottest trends where investors are pouring money and where there are still plenty of opportunities to innovate? Author and speaker Naeem Zafar will outline his latest research and his straight, to-the-point, do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs.


October 5, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Seminar:  How to Give Great Presentations: Pitch Perfect at TiE Institute

at TiE Silicon Valley, 3979 Freedom Circle, Tower II, Santa Clara, CA

Link to Pitch Perfect Event
To be held at the offices of TiE in Silicon Valley.

For entrepreneurs with a burning startup idea, you are probably trying to figure out how to get the resources you need to get it going. To do that, you’ll need to convince someone with those resources to trust in you. And how do you convince them? Well, you craft your pitch, and then you practice, practice, practice!

Our Pitch Perfect workshops are special events to help entrepreneurs learn how to develop a compelling pitch within varying timeframes, and how to modify it on the fly. These interactive sessions also offer entrepreneurs opportunities to practice their pitch with a supportive, constructive audience to help get it into its top shape.

And the opportunities don’t stop after the workshop is over! TiE Silicon Valley partners with organizations that have pitching competitions — such as InTeahouse Venture Capital or Draper TV — where we can refer winners of the practice sessions to our partners on a fit basis.



October 11, 2017: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Are You Investor-Ready?  Workshop for Brown Club of SV
Location:  Plug and Play Center, 440 N Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale

What is the most effective process that a startup should follow to seek funding? What are the sources and which one is right given the stage of the startup? Should one approach Angels investors, VCs or seek crowd-funding or Accelerators? How do you negotiate with the investors? What is the role that a Board of Directors plays? What exactly do you need to have before you should approach investors?

These questions and myriad others will be explained in simple language to anyone hoping to chart their own course by starting a business

Register and Join Naeem Zafar for a workshop on How to Seek Funding for your startup.



Past Events

September 14, 2017:  Plug and Play Tech Center, Sunnyvale CA, OPEN Silicon Valley Educational Series: “Being Investor Ready” a workshop by Naeem Zafar. Starting a new venture no longer demands the traditional approach of writing business plans and seeking money from VCs.  For more information click here.