From books to useful gadgets, Naeem’s favorable mentions are worth a double take if you are a busy traveler or you need a good book to keep you busy on the plane or at home.


A book on the life of a new CEO

An Eye-opening Parable about Transforming Leadership & Management Perspectives.

by Ravi Kathuria

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?: How I Turned Around IBM

A great book on IBM and the culture of an organization:

By Louis Gerstner, Ex-CEO of IBM

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

An excellent book on how to run a company well.

Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan


Andalusian Nights

Just great instrumental music – check it out at


Useful links:


Three Perfect Days:

To plan a trip just about in any city in the world this is a great resource. This is a collection of articles written by a native dweller of that city for many years and was published in the United Airlines in-flight magazine. I have always followed these itineraries and found hidden gems that I normally would have never found.